Winner Prix Italia 2014

«Klockrent – A Very Large Concert» is the winning entry in the 2014 Prix Italia, in the Radio Music – Composed Work category!

The motivation from the jury:

More than 200 church bells in function! The largest island of Sweden has been transformed into a live concert hall, allowing the radio listeners to hear all the bells of Gotland performing together. A musical, technological and social experience, exploring many possibilities of contemporary interactivity.

This piece combines the use of smartphones and apps to record and broadcast a pioneer initiative, a 3 movement concerto created by 3 composers. We highly appreciate the chosen instruments, because bells evoke traditions, memories and emotions shared throughout history.

The structure of the work mirrors both the community and the individual human being through big “tutti” sounds and a poetic central movement played on a single carillon. An incredible project that puts a classical radio station in the center of a national contemporary music experiment, increasing its image and popularity into the largest possible audience.

Klockrent – A Very Large Concert (Sveriges Radio, Sweden)

Direction: Eva Sjöstrand – Producing Organisation: Sveriges Radio

Composers: Karin Rehnqvist, Claes Holmgren, Owe Ronström

Technical Coordinator: Björn Carlsson

These church bells will play

church pitch
Akebäck Fiss2 Ala A1
Ala A1 Ekeby A1
Alskog B1 Endre A1
Alva C2 Etelhem 1 A1
Anga H1 Follingbo 1 A1
Ardre F2 Garde A1
Atlingbo F1 Grötlingbo A1
Bara Ciss3 Hamra A1
Barlingbo B1 Havdhem A1
Björke C2 Hemse A1
Boge B1 Källunge A1
Bro B1 Levide A1
Bunge B1 När A1
Burs B1 Othem A1
Buttle G1 Vall 2 A1
Bäl H1 Visby Allhelgona A1
Dalhem Giss1 Visby Metodist A1
Eke C2 Visby Östra kyrkog A1
Ekeby A1 Öja A1
Eksta H1 Östergarn A1
Endre A1 Fröjel 2 A2
Eskelhem Giss1 Gotska Sandön A2
Etelhem 1 A1 Herrvik A2
Etelhem 2 Giss1 Kovik A2
Fardhem B1 Visby dk 4 A2
Fide B1 Vall 4 B
Fleringe 1 Ciss2 Vallstena B
Fleringe 2 E2 Alskog B1
Fole B1 Barlingbo B1
Follingbo 1 A1 Boge B1
Follingbo 2 Diss Bro B1
Fridhem C3 Bunge B1
Fröjel 1 Ciss Burs B1
Fröjel 2 A2 Fardhem B1
Fårö Ciss2 Fide B1
Gammelgarn F1 Fole B1
Gann C3 Ganthem B1
Ganthem B1 Halla 1 B1
Garde A1 Hejnum B1
Gerum Diss2 Kräklingbo B1
Gothem Fiss1 Lokrume B1
Gotska Sandön A2 Roma B1
Grötlingbo A1 Sanda 2 B1
Guldrupe Ciss2 Stenkumla 1 B1
Hablingbo 1 Giss Väte 1 B1
Hablingbo 2 D2 Linde 2 B2
Hall Ciss2 Visby katolska B2
Halla 1 B1 Träkumla 1 C
Halla 2 Ciss Alva C2
Hallshuk C3 Björke C2
Hamra A1 Eke C2
Hangvar Ciss2 Hogrän 1 C2
Havdhem A1 Hörsne C2
Hejde Fiss1 Lärbro 1 C2
Hejdeby H1 Rone 1 C2
Hejnum B1 Rute C2
Hellvi E2 Stånga C2
Hemse A1 Visby Visborg 1 C2
Herrvik A2 Väskinde C2
Hogrän 1 C2 Fridhem C3
Hogrän 2 Fiss2 Gann C3
Hörsne C2 Hallshuk C3
Klinte 1 Diss1 Fröjel 1 Ciss
Klinte 2 G1 Halla 2 Ciss
Klinte 3 G Lärbro 2 Ciss
Kovik A2 Martebo Ciss
Kräklingbo B1 Sjonhem 2 Ciss
Källunge A1 Sproge Ciss
Lau Giss Stenkyrka Ciss
Levide A1 Viklau Ciss
Linde 1 F1 Visby dk 2 Ciss
Linde 2 B2 Västergarn Ciss
Lojsta E2 Västerhejde 1 Ciss
Lokrume B1 Fleringe 1 Ciss2
Lummelunda 1 F1 Fårö Ciss2
Lummelunda 2 G2 Guldrupe Ciss2
Lye H1 Hall Ciss2
Lärbro 1 C2 Hangvar Ciss2
Lärbro 2 Ciss Bara Ciss3
Martebo Ciss Hablingbo 2 D2
Mästerby Giss Sundre D2
Norrlanda Fiss Follingbo 2 Diss
När A1 Rone 2 Diss
Näs Fiss Svenskbyklockorna 1 Diss
Othem A1 tingstäde Diss
Roma B1 Tofta Diss
Rone 1 C2 Visby Visborg 2 Diss
Rone 2 Diss Västerhejde 2 Diss
Rute C2 Klinte 1 Diss1
Sanda 1 Fiss Gerum Diss2
Sanda 2 B1 Fleringe 2 E2
Silte Fiss Hellvi E2
Sjonhem 1 H1 Lojsta E2
Sjonhem 2 Ciss Stenkumla 2 E3
Slite Giss Atlingbo F1
Sproge Ciss Gammelgarn F1
Stenkumla 1 B1 Linde 1 F1
Stenkumla 2 E3 Lummelunda 1 F1
Stenkyrka Ciss Ardre F2
Stånga C2 Träkumla 2 F2
Sundre D2 Väte 2 F2
Svenskbyklockorna 1 Diss Visby dk 5 F3
Svenskbyklockorna 2 Fiss Norrlanda Fiss
Svenskbyklockorna 3 H Näs Fiss
tingstäde Diss Sanda 1 Fiss
Tofta Diss Silte Fiss
Träkumla 1 C Svenskbyklockorna 2 Fiss
Träkumla 2 F2 Gothem Fiss1
Vall 1 G Hejde Fiss1
Vall 2 A1 Akebäck Fiss2
Vall 3 Giss Hogrän 2 Fiss2
Vall 4 B Klinte 3 G
Vallstena B Vall 1 G
Vamlingbo Giss Buttle G1
Viklau Ciss Klinte 2 G1
Visby Allhelgona A1 Lummelunda 2 G2
Visby dk 1 H0 Hablingbo 1 Giss
Visby dk 2 Ciss Lau Giss
Visby dk 3 H Mästerby Giss
Visby dk 4 A2 Slite Giss
Visby dk 5 F3 Vall 3 Giss
Visby katolska B2 Vamlingbo Giss
Visby Metodist A1 Dalhem Giss1
Visby Terra Nova H2 Eskelhem Giss1
Visby Visborg 1 C2 Etelhem 2 Giss1
Visby Visborg 2 Diss Svenskbyklockorna 3 H
Visby Östra kyrkog A1 Visby dk 3 H
Vänge H1 Visby dk 1 H0
Väskinde C2 Anga H1
Västergarn Ciss Bäl H1
Västerhejde 1 Ciss Eksta H1
Västerhejde 2 Diss Hejdeby H1
Väte 1 B1 Lye H1
Väte 2 F2 Sjonhem 1 H1
Öja A1 Vänge H1
Östergarn A1 Visby Terra Nova H2


Transmitted by smartphones

The sound of A Very Large Concert will be recorded and transmitted by smartphones, using the 4G network, to a hub at Swedish Radio, were all the bells will be mixed and broadcasted live over Sweden and Europe, and via Internet to the rest of the world.

More than 100 ringers will participate, together with approx. 150 volunteers, and a staff of technicians.

A Very Large Concert will be broadcasted live by Swedish Radio, and transmitted to Europe through EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

Two films about the project

The orchestra – more than 250 ringers and volunteers. The instrument – all the churchbells in Gotland, well over 200 in total.

A unique live performance that will be broadcasted live by Swedish Radio over Sweden, Europe, and via Internet to the whole world.



All the bells

The island of Gotland, in the Baltic Sea, probably has the world’s greatest density of churches, of which around one hundred are of medieval origin. Most churches have one or two bells, some have three or more. A Very Large Concert will use all the church bells in the island, well over 200, as if they were one instrument, presumably the world’ largest. The musical tone of every bell have been meticulously measured and different ways of playing on them has been practiced.

On June 8th, 2013, all the bells will perform together as a single musical instrument, most likely the world’s largest ever, in a concert specially written by prominent Swedish composers for this special occasion. More than 100 ringers will participate, together with approx. 150 volunteers, and a staff of technicians.

The sound will be recorded and transmitted by smart phones, using the 4G network, to a hub at Radio Sweden, were all the bells will be mixed and broadcast live over Sweden and Europe, and via Internet to the rest of the world. An accompanying documentary film will be produced by a Swedish film-maker, and presented to Swedish Television.


Map of the medieval churches in Gotland