June 8, 2013 at 11 am – a calm and beautiful day – A Very Large Concert will be performed. The stage – the island of Gotland. The orchestra – more than 250 ringers and volunteers. The instrument – all the church bells in Gotland, well over 200 in total.

A unique live performance broadcast live by Swedish Radio over Sweden, Europe, and via Internet over the whole world.

A Very Large Concert – music on the world’s largest musical instrument, in the world’s largest concert hall, and with the whole world as the audience!


A Very Large Concert is supported by Statens Musikverk (Music Development and Heritage Sweden) Swedish Radio, Kulturföreningen Roxy (Cultural Association Roxy), Musikaliska Sällskapet, Visby (The Musical Society, Visby), the parishes in Church of Sweden, diocese of Visby – and a large number of volunteers.


And the bells sounded like this: